Bikes found on this listing have been taken in part exchange against new ones. They have not been bought in specially to re-sell. The difference between these and our other used bikes is, These are selected quality bikes from a bygone era and are for many, collectors items.

To help you select your model we have introduced two groups. The first we have called our VINTAGE group, here you will find bicycles which comply generally with the rules of L'Eroica. These rules state basically, bikes must have steel frames, (except ALAN & VITUS Aluminium framed bikes), must not be younger than 1987, gear levers must be mounted directly to the frame, or in the handlebar ends, brake cables must be routed openly from the levers to the callipers, (not under the bar  tape) and further rules. Bikes such as low pro, etc, and others which where forbidden by the UCI. generally do not conform with the L'Eroica rules.


We have called our second group POST VINTAGE CLASSICS. Here you will find high quality bikes, which may be younger than 1987 and may not conform with the L'Eroica rules. These are  non the less high quality bikes, sort after by collectors and others for Tweed runs, "Life Style" events, etc.


As may be expected all models on offer will be in near original condition and show signs of use over the years. All frames will be free of mechanical defects. We will have inspected the bikes in our workshop and made sure that all parts are in working order, except where otherwise noted in the accompanying text.


Models will be shown as received, not cleaned and not serviced. Any service work will be carried out after receipt of your order. Should any part on the bike you have ordered prove not to be serviceable during the check in our workshop, we will contact you with a view to finding a period correct solution.


You will receive goods as shown in the photographs. Not more and not less.


Should you be looking for that special part for your restoration project, Look under "Gebraucht-Ersatzteile" or contact us. We have quite a large selection of vintage spares and may just have the part you are looking for even if it does not appear on our web site.






SIMPLON 4 star.  Frame size 55cm.  €895,-
SIMPLON 4 star. Frame size 55cm. €895,-

Simplon bicycles were founded in the 1950's in the town of Hard, Western Austria, to build 1A quality bikes. They are still in business  and in the meantime provide equipment to a number of racing teams.

This 55cm model was one step down from their top model. It is equipped with a full 14 speed Shimano Dura Ace group including stem and bars, but excluding the chain set which is "Shimano 105" (presumably chosen to match the frame colour?) Wheels are Dura Ace hubs on Gentleman Super Champion rims. The frame is Reynolds 531 steel butted tubes, forks and stays. The bike is from the late 80s to early 90s and is as far as we can determine in original condition. The bike has been well cared for and is in pristine condition, has no visible wear from brakes on the wheels for example. The frame is true, has no cracks or dents It really looks almost like new.

If you are looking for a first class bike in first class, near original condition we can fully recommend this one for every day use, or for classic bike events. Absolute top quality at a very realistic price.

Francesco Moser Super Prestige 56cm. €845,-
Francesco Moser Super Prestige 56cm. €845,-

A Francesco Moser Super Prestige racing bike,  equipped with Shimano 12 speed 105 gears, Modolo brakes, Shimano hubs on Montreal  rims. A good Early 80s middle class bike  in generally good condition. A solid no frills bike, ideal for grueling vintage outings as well as Eroica etc.  at a realistic price.

Romani 56cm frame. excellent condition hardly a scratch on the frame and the chrome is perfect.   A Bargin at only €1149,-
Romani 56cm frame. excellent condition hardly a scratch on the frame and the chrome is perfect. A Bargin at only €1149,-

The Romani company was grounded in 1924 by 2 brothers and was at its crest between the early 70's and mid 80's. (this one is an early 80s model) Bikes carrying the Romani nameplate were few and far between. About 80% of their production went to bike shops in the area who could not build frames themselves. These bikes then carried the name or logo of the shop which had bought the frames. They built frames with all of the available tubing at that time, Columbus, Reynolds etc. It has been more than suggested that the Colner (Colnago Ernesto) frames were at least to part built by Romani. The Romani frames I have seen are of the very best quality and this one is no exception being built in super light Colubus SLX tubing. Fitted with the reputed Shimano 600 Triclor groupset, Mavic rims, and little used. This one will certainly survive the next 30 years as well as it has served the last 30 years. This one is an insider tip.

Raleigh  R.H. 57cm   €849,-
Raleigh R.H. 57cm €849,-

Here we have one of the race replica Raleigh's built at Worksop out of famous Reynolds 531 tubing. These were the bikes to have in the 70's and early 80's. It is equipped with a Shimano 600 group set. The color scheme is looking from the front dark grey and from the rear light grey. In this colour scheme and condition rare. A perfect reliable machine for vintage events. Complete in all details.

56 cm Daccordi. One of the very best Italian builders Campagnolo Equipped  €1295,-
56 cm Daccordi. One of the very best Italian builders Campagnolo Equipped €1295,-

Daccordi was one of the very top Italian frame builders, along with Colnago, Masi, Cinelli, and De Rosa. His Griffe frame is legendary. This model was built parallel  to the Griffe and is also beautifully built and fittingly fully Campagnolo equipped 14 speed. Here is your chance to own one of the very best period bikes in super condition. Ready to ride away. (Late 80's) Super quality at a moderate price.

Eddy Merckx model Corsa Extra. R.H. 57 - Details below. Price €1285,-

This one needs no introduction,  a super Eddy Merckx Corsa Extra. The bike is in original condition as far as we can see. There are some light brake marks on the front wheel rim, these have no effect on the wheel strength. Gearing is the iconic Shimano with Ultegra 3x chainset. and "Sante" brakes in white to match the paint scheme. Even the bar tape looks to be original. This is a super fast bike, in super condition just waiting for rider who can use it. Ideal for Eroica, vintage Audax events,or someone who just likes riding top quality vintage bikes. One of the top bikes of its day.


My first choice.

BONEY    54cm. = VITUS  979 Alu?  €695,-
BONEY 54cm. = VITUS 979 Alu? €695,-

A nice top equipped Boney. I think this is a VITUS  979 model from the mid 80s wearing BONEY decals, based on the fact that it has Vitus tubing, and is a look a like to a Vitus.   BONEY sold bikes in Switzerland.  Some people suggest that Aluminium frames were not so good. Our answer to that is:-  take a look at Sean Kelly's list of wins and you will find 80% were on these VITUS  alu. framed bikes. nuf said? The equipment on this one is largely Shimano Dura Ace 14 speed. Campagnolo hubs on Mavic rims, 3ttt bars and stem. The frame is anodized and the letters BONEY are decals stuck onto the frame and should be easily removed if required.  A top equipped bike in very good condition. This older aluminium model would also be O.K. for EROICA events.

56cm.  GOLDIA  Swiss Randonneur 70's  €425,-
56cm. GOLDIA Swiss Randonneur 70's €425,-

 Goldia was a Swiss builder located in Goldach in Rheintal. The frame is Reynolds 531 tubing and the equipment is of a good quality. Priced accordingly. The condition is good and the small paint chips are not prominent. A good choice for L'Eroica at a nice price.

52cm R I H Special Early 1950's  60 years old, full patinated and in full working condition, very rare Viennese bike.  Open to offers.
52cm R I H Special Early 1950's 60 years old, full patinated and in full working condition, very rare Viennese bike. Open to offers.

 Here we have a very rare R I H bike built in Vienna Austria between the late 1930's to the early 1950's fitted with a rare SUWS Cortina 5 speed parallelogram  gear. The rear wheel is slightly out of round but could be easily corrected.  At 52 cm it would be an ideal ladies bike. Some may wish to restore it to its original glory, we would leave it as it is protect it for the future It would  be a perfect piece for an antique room. An absolute gem.


BASSO GAP Full Aero, 58cm frame. super condition.  €695,-
BASSO GAP Full Aero, 58cm frame. super condition. €695,-

Basso started building high quality racing bikes about 1980. This example is in good condition, and is from the early 90s. It is fitted with Shimano 105 gears and chainset, RX 100 brakes and combi brake/gear shifters. Wheels are Shimano hubs on Mavic open 20 rims. A top quality bike at a realistic price.

57cm Basso in LOTO team colors. €745,-
57cm Basso in LOTO team colors. €745,-

Another Basso, this one is a rare Basso Lotto team replica. Fitted with a full Shimano group set, with gear shifters on the down tube for the 14 speed 6004 tricolor equipment. The frame has some light scratches which can easily be touched up, which our price reflects. Wheels are Wolber TX rims mounted naturally on Shimano hubs. Perfect for the collector or for riding vintage cycling events. Condition good used, ready to ride away.

57cm  Coppi Aluminium bike  in super condition  €1290,-
57cm Coppi Aluminium bike in super condition €1290,-

These Coppi Alu. frames were designed and built by Giovanni Pelizzoli They were a sensation when they were introduced. This example is in absolute top condition. A collectors piece at a competitive price. Just look at that front wheel! Full Shimano tricolor, aero SIS, combined brake/shifters. This must be a Gotta have.

55cm Koga Miyata Gents Racer  €895,-
55cm Koga Miyata Gents Racer €895,-

A beautiful 90's Koga, in superb condition, 14 speed 600 Tri-color set up ready to ride away. Almost like new. In original condition.

A few brake marks on the rear wheel but they do not effect the strength of the wheel, this is typical of dark anodized rims. A bike to be proud of.

A Rare 60cm COPPI   Aluminium frame bike.  Dura Ace group. €1245,-
A Rare 60cm COPPI Aluminium frame bike. Dura Ace group. €1245,-

We have here a super find. A Coppi Aluminium R. In dark blue. -  In 1993 The   F.LLI MASCIAGHI holding Co. Owners of the Fausto Coppi trade mark, engaged Giovanni Pelizolli to design and build their frames. He went for Aluminium and the successes of his bikes is legendary. The picture on the wall, above the bike shows Sr. Pelizolli presenting POPE John Paul II with exactly the same model bike, which incidentally were also used by the Polti racing team. From 1995 Gianni Bugno won many prizes on this model and a sensational Olympic 1, 2, 3 shows how good it really was. This bike is a large one 60cm, with signature on the crossbar,  and is equipped with Shimano's top Dura Ace group set. Under the cross bar there is a small area of light corrosion about 25 x 15 mm which has effected the paint where a cable had rubbed, It will not effect the structural strength of the frame and can be touched up so that it will not be noticeable. The forks are steel. Dura Ace hubs on Mavic SUP CXP 30 rims, with direct spoked front wheel, complete a super bike, in as far as we can see, near original condition. competitively priced.